“The Musical Caravanµ

One of the three fundamental objectives of the Foundation is “to help integrate classical music in the Romanian society of today, through a long term campaign of education, based on specific programs for different ages and situations and especially by involving the small children from underprivileged economic areas.” These programs are developed and carried out by the young musicians, members of the artistic team of the Foundation.

“The Musical Caravan” is such a program. Started in December 2011, in collaboration with Rotary Triumph Bucharest and repeated every year since, the “Musical Caravan” is a series of short concerts/ visits performed in children hospitals, seniors homes and social centers, bringing the gift of music and a smile to the sick and those with grave handicaps. The concerts are also part of the community involvement of the Foundation, during the Sibiu International Festival, in partnership with the Siebenbürger Hilfe Foundation of Sibiu. 

We strongly believe in the power that music has to reach the human soul, to heal and to connect people. Music is a universal language and as it has been proven time and again throughout history, it has profound positive effects for the society at large.

"The Musical Caravan" - Youtube link