An Original Concept

An original concept, unique in the world

The staged concerts "Parsifal at the Romanian Athenaeum" present this opera in a performance in which the public finds itself in the middle of the music and of the action. The musical components  - orchestra , chorus and soloists - are integrated in a natural way with theatrical elements such as lights, costumes, sets, visual and audio effects, all of them taking advantage of the unique acoustic and architectural characteristics of the Athenaeum. 

The Athenaeum - an historic monument - plays an essential role through its special acoustics and architecture, creating an overwhelming experience for the public. 

The 50 members of the men chorus sing in a circle around the public. The public finds itself in the middle of the music and of the Legend of the Knights of the Graal. The soloists move freely in the concert hall and sing on specially created stages, which assures a perfect sound balance with the orchestra of 90 musicians and which gives the public an 360 degrees acoustic and visual perspective.   

Other two choruses, indicated by Wagner as far away from the action, as well as the famous Parsifal bells, are heard from the rest of the building , with a reverberating and magic distant sound. The scenic concept is original and unique, because it integrates naturally the characteristics of the Athenaeum in the performance.