Vlad Maistorovici, Night Music at The Church of St.John in Sibiu

Vlad Maistorovici, guest composer of the Sibiu/Hermannstadt International Music Festival

Vlad Maistorovici performed two other concerts that also revealed to the public the stand-out performance of pianists Dario Bonuccelli and Diana Ionescu. On the concert from May 30th, Vlad stated for the Romanian Musical Radio: "It's a very rare repertoire, very famous, of reference, especially in terms of the combination of instruments and it contains one of the greatest names of the Viennese classical music, Johannes Brahms, and one of the greatest names of the contemporary music, Gyorgy Ligeti, a Hungarian composer, probably very known by listeners all over the world for his presence on Stanley Kubrick's soundtracks. Thus, it's Brahms' and Ligeti's Horn Trios, the last one being dedicated to the memory of Johannes Brahms, so that there is a beautiful connection between them. Besides these two, we have Ballade no. 2 by Liszt and "Appel interstellaire" by Olivier Messiaen, and this program is performed by a stellar cast that brings me a great honor: the horn player is Martin Owen and the pianist is Dario Bonuccelli."