Audition info

The Foundation organizes open live auditions from time to time in Romania, as well as in other European countries. These auditions will be announced well in advance on our website and through other social media channels.

The musicians who cannot participate, or who want to alert us of their interest in our projects in between the live auditions, can send a video audition, accompanied by their CV and the completed Audition form on our site.

Audition repertoire: for the instruments which have this choice – a 5 minutes excerpt from a romantic/ virtuoso concerto and a 5 minutes excerpt from a classical concerto. For the other instruments – a concerto of choice and 3 standard orchestral excerpts of different styles, or just 5 standard orchestral excerpts of different styles. 

The video auditions can be without accompaniment.

In some special cases, we can accept videos from solo recitals. 

Audition Form

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