Individual donations

Become a Friend of the Foundation

The entrance to the concerts organized by the Romanian Foundation for Excellence in Music is free, within the limits of available seats.

The guests with invitations have priority. These guests include, among others, donors and Friends of the Romanian Foundation for Excellence in Music.

We invite you to become a Friend of RFEM by making a donation that will support the artists and our mission.

We offer to the Friends of RFEM:

- invitations to all current events of the Foundation, where you will have the opportunity to appreciate directly the value of the young artists you are helping
- the possibility of meeting all the artists
- limited edition collectibles
- early notice about the events, news and accomplishments of the Foundation

You can make a donation of 300 RON that will grant you an invitation for one person, or a donation of 400 RON for two persons
Invitations are valid for all current events of the Foundation. 



We invite you to join the community of our donors and help our young musicians develop their artistic potential and perform at a very high level in Romania or abroad.

Private philanthropy, supporting artists of great talent, is the gesture through which anyone can invest in a better society, where culture brings multiple benefits. Once the privilege of aristocracy, philanthropy is today accessible to anyone who has the vision and the desire to be more than just a spectator and who wants to make a difference.

Your contribution has a positive impact on all our activities:

- it allows us to continue to offer the young musicians unique opportunities to perfect their art through close collaboration with artists of international stature

- supports the preparation of the artistic projects of the Foundation

- helps develop the programs which promote musical education and the musicians involvement in social projects

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