Sibiu/Hermannstadt International Music Festival - Mozart's Recviem 31 May 2014

Sibiu, on new musical peaks

During the Festival, the public also discovered remarkable young talents: the Romanian composer and violinist Vlad Maistorovici, the Italian pianist Dario Bonuccelli, the Danish violinist Niklas Walentin Jensen, the pianist Diana Ionescu, the violinist Simina Croitoru, the clarinetist Radu Grelus and their colleagues from the Mozart Kammerphilharmonie orchestra played together with consecrated musicians at the highest artistic level.

The 2014 edition of the Festival ended powerfully, with one of the most well known masterpieces of the classical repertoire: The Requiem by Mozart. The Mozart Kammerphilharmonie orchestra, The Festival's Choir and soloists Irina Iordachescu, Sidonia Nica, Ionut Popescu and Marius Bolos were applauded for minutes in a row by the hundreds of spectators that filled the "Holy Trinity" Roman Catholic Parochial Church.

The success of the first edition proves that the Sibiu/Hermannstadt International Music Festival keeps its promise: it offers events of the highest artistic level, it promotes extremely talented young musicians and it attracts public from all over the world, with long term benefits for the Sibiu community and for Romania's cultural prestige.